Thali Xpress

Anybody can cook

The Thali Xpress range of products,  emerges from a scientific study on the evolving demands of regional markets. Today’s life style is dominated by the fast  growing hectic schedule of professional lives of people. It remains an undeniable fact that  more and more people are not knowledgeable about cooking in comparison to older generations. However, dinning along with the family seems to be the favoured time by  active people, who tend to indulge occasionally into cooking with the help of dedicated food channels on YouTube or other media. To many, cooking is becoming nearly a stress relieving therapy, bringing out self- confidence and peace.

Thali Xpress poses as a solution to the challenge of adapting to this new culture wave and unconventional   cooking habits.

A contrario to other existing pastes, Thali Xpress is not a mere physical  transformation of powdered spice. It’s a complete recipe in a jar which ensures freshness and guarantees the taste of traditional cooking.  In brief, with Thali Xpress … anybody can cook.


Thali Express



Thali Xpress
Achard d’Ail
Pâte d’Ail
Pâte d’ail et de Gingembre
Pâte d’oignon
Pâte de Tamarin
Sauce Briyani
Sauce Butter Chicken
Sauce Curry
Sauce Daube
Pâte de Gingembre
Marinade Tandoori
Achard de Gingembre
Achard de Limon
Achard de Mangue
Achard de Piment Rouge
Achard de Piment vert
Assaisonnement Achard / Vindaye
Marinade BBQ
Marinade Kebab
Sauce Dhall / Sambar